Cloud Computing

As of late, I’ve been playing around with the various cloud instances being offered by Microsoft, Amazon, and Google in an effort to take my daily compute to the clouds and ditch a traditional laptop/desktop and for either a Chromebook or iPad as my daily driver.

My use case for technology is a healthy blend of executive, engineering, and analysts. I’m not in the trenches much these days, instead I’m attending meetings and could be considered an Office power user :( I have a very curious mind, like most in this field, so it scares me “not owning” a general PC in the event I needed to lend the team a hand or investigate something of interest. After much research, I’ve decide to move to GCP and built a virtual machine with all the command-line utilities needed for performing various analysis and research tasks, while allowing me to continue engineering. I chose Google, only becuase the provided me with a $300.00 credit for 1yr which honestly is awesome and allows me to get my feet wet without any out of pocket cost.

If you interested in reviewing the tools I have installed, how the different cloud providers stack up please check out the references below.

Additional References:

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