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Every now and then I like to get my hands dirty and lend a helping hand. Today I’m going to list the tools I continiously rely on as my daily driver. I’ve previosuly posted on various tools, but this post is meant to list a more inclusive list of tools used as my daily driver. This by no means is a comprehensive toolset, and isn’t meant to say one tool is better then another. The list below simply is a collection I have had success with in meeting my objectives.

**All utilities are installed as outlined in their readme file with required dependencies.

Type Tool Name Description
Recon / Data Collection recon-ng A full-featured Web Reconnaissance framework written in Python.
Recon / Data Collection theHarvester A program to gather emails, subdomains, hosts, employee names, open ports and banners from different public sources like search engines, PGP key servers and SHODAN computer database.
Recon / Data Collection Wig-WebApp Web application information gathering tool, which can identify numerous Content Management Systems and other administrative applications.
Recon / Data Collection ShodanCLI A command-line utility to interact with website.
Recon / Data Collection machinae A tool for collecting intelligence from public sites/feeds about various security-related pieces of data including IP addresses, domain names, URLs, email addresses, file hashes and SSL fingerprints.
Recon / Data Collection dnstwist A tool allowing you to detect phishing, typo squatters, and attack domains that are based on an inputted domain.
Recon / Data Collection domain_analyzer A security analysis tool which automatically discovers and reports information about the given domain. Its main purpose is to analyze domains in an unattended way.
Recon / Data Collection just-metadata A tool that gathers and analyzes metadata about IP addresses. It attempts to find relationships between systems within a large dataset.
Recon / Data Collection blcheck A script to determine if a given ip is blacklisted.
Reco / Data Collection muffet A fast website link checker
User Awareness credmap A tool for testing supplied user credentials on several known websites to test if the password has been reused on any of these.
User Awareness pwned A command-line tool for querying the ‘Have I been pwned?’ service.
Penetration Testing apt2 An automated penetration toolkit.
Penetration Testing metasploit A penetration testing framework.
Penetration Testing getsploit A script to query various websites to determine if exploit code is available.
Utilities Microsoft Powershell Microsoft powershell interface in linux.
Utilities ioc Parser A script that parses artifacts from various structured data.
Utilities Keybase encryption utilities.

As new tools are added and/or replaced, the list above will be updated.

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